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A booklet written for the English as a supplement to my Boxwood Handbook, this is a 4 x 6 inch softcover booklet with 36 pages and 11 line drawings. Published by Sage Press in East Sussex, England in 2003.

Available at Amazon and Abe Books.



My nomenclatural treatise of the genus Buxus is an 8½ x 11 inch hardback book with 343 pages and 335 color photographs. Published by The American Boxwood Society in 2004, it is a direct outgrowth from “Checklist of Buxus L.” by Lynn R. Batdorf in The Boxwood Bulletin 28(3):43-49.1989. This includes all the known temperate species and cultivars of Buxus, whether valid, invalid or controversial in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants published in 1995 by International Society for Horticultural Science. In addition, there are ten appendices: summary of plant characteristics, glossary, resources, enumeration of vernacular names, enumeration of cultivar names, list of Buxus species, list of numbered Buxus, list of newly-legitimatized names, excluded taxa, and biographies. Finally, a list of reference material, an index of the taxa, and hardiness zone maps of the continental United States and Europe are also included.

Intended users are botanists, horticulturists, boxwood enthusiasts, professional gardeners and the nursery trade. This encyclopedia is the definitive comprehensive account of temperate boxwood to promote their correct identification and understanding. In this effort, there are nearly 1,050 Buxus taxa which are thoroughly examined.

Available from the American Boxwood Society at:



My most popular book is a 6 x 9 inch softcover with 123 pages and 91 color photographs, published by The American Boxwood Society in 2005. This handbook is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to proper care of boxwood. There are seven chapters: history, recommended boxwood plants, boxwood in the landscape, boxwood culture, propagation, pests, and diseases. There are five appendices: glossary, resources, species and cultivars and hybrids, bibliography, and plant hardiness zone maps.

For everyone from homeowners to professionals, this book is a good starting place for all things boxwood. Abiotic concerns are fully explained, including cold injury, fertilizing site selection, soil conditions, mulching, planting and transplanting, pruning, thinning, shearing, sanitation, watering, and commercial production. Biotic topics are also explained, including cuttings, layering, seedlings, leafminer, mites, psyllid, scale, webworm, wildlife, Phytophthora, Macrophoma, Volutella, boxwood blight, and nematodes.

Available from the American Boxwood Society at:



An international boxwood symposium was held at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania in 2015. This 8 x 11½ booklet with 20 pages was published to document the keynote speech entitled “Boxwooding” by Lynn Batdorf.



A revised and updated 4th edition of my Boxwood Handbook. Published by the European Boxwood and Topiary Society of France in 2017. Translated into French, it is a comprehensive and insightful guide to diagnosing and correcting all the cultural, biotic and abiotic concerns that can affect boxwood throughout Europe.

Available from the American Boxwood Society at:

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