If you’re reading this, you already know the importance of your boxwood

Boxwood is a familiar shrub in many parts of the United States and Europe, and its prominence in the garden is steeped in history, legends, lore and magic.

Homeowners and gardeners know of boxwood’s reputation, but most would find it difficult to describe appropriate care or to correctly diagnose its maladies. Many people are unsure what, if any, care to give this highly-prized shrub, and they are often perplexed by a boxwood with weak, sparse growth or by a branch suddenly dying. Even professionals search for accurate and detailed information to make sound horticultural decisions.

Aristocratic boxwood is a beautiful, low-maintenance, very slow-growing shrub, which can easily thrive for two or three centuries. It only asks for a little understanding to let this happen.

As a horticultural boxwood consultant, I can teach you what it takes to have healthy, beautiful boxwood. I can provide evaluations and step-by-step explanations as to why your boxwood may be less than a majestic shrub. There is typically more than one remedy, you will receive comprehensive treatment plans to best suit you and your boxwood.

I have consulted with homeowners, estate-owners, professional gardeners, landscape architects, landscape maintenance contractors, and nursery professionals. I’ll introduce you to the exciting and rewarding world of boxwood that goes far beyond, “Your boxwood will improve with our special spray.” We’ll work together to create easy, often low-technical solutions that most boxwood owners can do themselves.

Without guidance, appropriate boxwood care can be confusing. Why not make sure you do it right, and have beautiful healthy boxwood?

My services


We’ll meet in person in your garden, or at your job site or nursery. This is important as there is a tremendous amount of large and small considerations that affect the health of your boxwood. Site conditions including, sun, soil, water, nearby plants, and exposure are all important considerations.

As we walk around your property, we will discuss your boxwood concerns and my observations. I’ll make sure you understand how specific conditions and environmental considerations are affecting your boxwood. As we go through the process, we’ll examine the various courses of action and how each will affect your boxwood over the next several decades.

You will end up with a better understanding of your plants and confidence to do the work yourself or to clearly explain the work to whoever will perform these services.

Besides boxwood, I am also available to consult on other plants and landscaping features.


I have a flat fee. There is no time limit when I am on-site. I stay until I’ve satisfactorily answered all of your questions and I’ve made all my observations.

After my initial consultation, I encourage follow-up questions, which I happily answer at no additional charge. A written report of my observations and recommendations is optional at an additional cost. Afterwards, if you prefer, I can recommend firms to do your boxwood renovation and maintenance.

I travel anywhere to meet your boxwood. While most consultations are in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., I travel anywhere from Boston to Atlanta to Memphis. I also consult in Western Europe (including the U.K., France, the Netherlands and Germany).


● B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Maryland

● 36 years of professional experience as curator of the National Boxwood Collection at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.

● 37 years as the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Buxus

● Honorary Life Member of the American Boxwood Society

● Honorary Life Member of the European Boxwood & Topiary Society

● Author of three boxwood books and dozens of popular and technical boxwood articles

● Lecture nationally and internationally to professional audiences on a wide variety of boxwood topics

● Participated in 3-week expedition to Azerbaijan and republic of Georgia to document and preserve boxwood in the Caucasus

My clients include:

● Homeowners
● Estate owners
● Professional gardeners
● Landscape contractors
● Nursery professionals


  • Lynn’s knowledge of boxwood, his overall horticultural knowledge, and his passion for helping to elevate the standards within the landscaping industry are impeccable. Having Lynn as a resource to us, and our clients, has been extremely beneficial and we look forward to many more interactions with Lynn.

    Chris Vedrani CLT, CPH Owner, Planted Earth Landscaping, Maryland
  • In 2008, Lynn R. Batdorf was appointed Honorary Member of EBTS–France and become our Scientific and Technical Advisor. His authoritative articles, “Words of an Expert” are in our journal, Bulletin des Buis et Topiaires, and on our society website. In 2012, Lynn came to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to inaugurate the Parc des Pins of the National Boxwood Collection EBTS France at Le Touquet (classified by the Conservatoire des Collections Végétles Spécialisées) of which he is the supervisor.

    Patrick Salembier President EBTS–France, Vice President EBTS–Europe
  • If you’ve read Lynn’s Boxwood Handbook, a consultation with him is like reading between the lines. All the nuances, a truly invaluable experience. During our 3-day consultation, Lynn inspected nine large residential landscapes which I manage. Walking around with him brought up all my boxwood questions. Lynn completely answered them, adding his own observations. Lynn is certainly known for boxwood, but his vast knowledge of horticulture is quite impressive.

    Alex Boggan Owner, Boggan’s Landscaping, Tennessee
  • We reached out to Lynn as our 100-year-old English boxwood had been neglected for years. He provided us with an incredible history of boxwood, and educated us on the many aspects of the diseases, and thinning out that was needed. His report gave us a perfect guide of what we needed to do. We have contacted him often and he’s always there with a quick response.

    Mary Schwartz Homeowner, Delaware



Most Americans have an image of boxwood in their wallet. Boxwood is prominently featured on the back of the $5 at the Lincoln Memorial and the back of the $20 at the White House. I’ve performed on-site boxwood consultations at both locations.

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